Agency Overview

Overview of HABC & MHA

The Housing Authority of Brevard County, HABC, and the Melbourne Housing Authority, MHA, work together to provide housing opportunities for low-income and homeless individuals and families in Brevard County, Florida.

The Melbourne Housing Authority, MHA, employs the same staff and has the same offices with the Housing Authority of Brevard County. Together they administer two programs:

  1. HABC and MHA own and operate several low-income housing properties which are available for rent to eligible families in Brevard County, this program is known as Public Housing.

  2. HABC administers the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, which provides eligible families in Brevard County with a voucher which can be used anywhere in the private market within HABC’s jurisdiction.


Our mission is to provide and develop quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization.


  • Continue to operate In Accordance With all Federal Regulations and within budgets

  • Continue to achieve “High Performing Status”

  • Seek out development opportunities for affordable housing

  • Create non-profit to benefit residents through education and employment

  • Create Section 8 Homeownership Program