About Housing Choice Voucher

Rental Assistance in the Private Market

The Housing Authority of Brevard County (HABC) largest program provides federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance to more than 1,600 households with low incomes in Brevard County.

Many of HABC’s rental assistance households include seniors or individuals with disabilities.

Rental housing assistance is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Because funding is limited, there is a wait list to receive federal rental assistance through HABC. The average wait time is approximately 5 years.

Who is Eligible?

  • People who live or work in Brevard County
  • Individuals and families with annual income less than 80 percent of Brevard County’s Area Median Income (AMI)*
  • Veterans and active-duty military
  • Low-income seniors age 62 or older
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Homeless families and individuals
* By law, a PHA must provide 75 percent of its voucher to applicants whose incomes do not exceed 30 percent of the area median income.

How Does Rental Assistance Work?

Households pay a predetermined portion of their income toward their rent.

HABC pays the balance of the rent, up to the applicable payment standard, directly to the landlord.

The payment standard is the maximum subsidy payment that a voucher would pay for a rental housing unit.

If the contract rent is more than the payment standard, the household pays the difference from the approved rental amount and the subsidized amount.

How Much Assistance Can You Get?

HABC calculates the maximum amount of housing assistance allowable.

The maximum is generally whichever is lower of these two options: (1) The payment standard minus 30 percent of the family’s monthly adjusted income or (2) the gross rent minus 30 percent of the adjusted income.

By law, whenever a family moves to a new unit where the rent exceeds the payment standard, the family may not pay more than 40 percent of its adjusted monthly income for rent.

Where Can You Live with A Voucher?

A household can rent a housing unit (including single family homes, townhomes, apartments, condos, or even mobile units) from any landlord in Brevard County, provided that it meets program requirements. To find affordable housing units you may:

  • Search the Section 8 Property Listings on this website
  • View HABC’s Affordable Housing Resource Guide

Apply for the HABC Rental Assistance Wait List

To apply for the HABC Rental Assistance Wait List, visit the HABC Rental Assistance Wait List Portal.

This portal also enables existing applicants to update their information and check their wait list status.