MHA Public Housing Conversion

Expected Completion: Fall 2020

Converting Public Housing to Section 8 Vouchers

The Melbourne Housing Authority plans to convert its public housing to the Section 8 tenant-based rental assistance using the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program 

MHA will apply to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to change how it provides affordable housing using the Streamlined Voluntary Conversion (SVC) program.   

The SVC program will provide current public housing residents a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher if eligible.  The change to vouchers will make it easier for MHA to repair and improve its properties in the future and gives residents more housing choices.   

Relocation Survey

Resident Information Meeting

The informational meeting was held on Facebook Live for all MHA public housing residents to to learn more about the conversion and the Streamlined Voluntary Conversion (SVC) process. Click on the link to our Facebook page to view the livestream presentation.

English Presentation

Resident Info Meeting: Public Housing Conversion

You are invited to a virtual meeting hosted by the Melbourne Housing Authority (MHA) to learn about MHA’s plans to convert its public housing to the Section 8 tenant-based rental assistance using the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program.

Posted by HABC & MHA on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Spanish Presentation

Conversión de Vivienda Pública a la Sección 8

Reunion Informativa para Residents de MHA Facebook Live: 28 Mayo - 18:30

Posted by HABC & MHA on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Have questions about the conversion? Complete the form below to ask us!

Families will be able to interact and ask questions during the event using Facebook Messenger or by completing this form. If you are unable to attend the live event, a video of the event will be available on this website within about 24 hours. 

Families will have the chance to ask questions and give us feedback during and after the live meeting. The question and comment period runs through June 30, 2020. 

After the live event, questions and comments can be sent to us by mail to 1401 Guava Ave. Melbourne, FL 32935 or by email to svc@habc.us.

Please participate in the Tenant and Public Information Meeting to learn more about the changes and how they might affect you.


Additional Information

Section 22 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 authorizes the conversion of public housing projects to Section 8 voucher assistance, if the conversion serves the best interest of residents and does not negatively impact the availability of affordable housing in affected neighborhoods.  

The goal of the change is to improve the quality of and maintain the affordability of MHA owned units for current MHA public housing residents and low-income families in our community.  

Residents receiving vouchers may continue to live in their current unit and are not required to move. 

We will submit a conversion plan to HUD with our application for the SVC program.  Resident participation is a big part of the plan. We will hold a public meeting for residents and other interested members of the public, during which we will explain conversion requirements and our plan. 

After that, there will be a four week period (ending June 30, 2020) to comment, ask questions, or express concerns. We will review any questions and comments and provide a written response. Comments/questions and our responses will also be posted here on our website. 

MHA’s conversion plan proposes to keep the properties in the Agency’s name and continue to operate them as rental housing for low-income families.  After conversion, eligible existing tenants will receive a voucher.  Those tenants may choose to remain in their current units and use their voucher assistance for rent.  Residents also have option to move and use their vouchers for another property in the private market.  

The Housing Authority of Brevard County will be the administrator for the vouchers. For eligible tenants who wish to move, or tenants who are not eligible for vouchers, the Housing Authority will prepare a relocation plan and provide relocation assistance to help families move. 

Before the conversion, MHA will invest its remaining public housing funds to complete repairs and improvements to the properties.  Generally, the units are in good physical condition.  MHA does not expect that there will be any need for temporary relocations to complete work either before or at the time of the conversion.  

The conversion of all public housing units is currently planned for the fall of 2020. 

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers that may help to better understand the SVC process.  

We encourage both residents and the public to participate in our live information event to learn more about how this change may affect you and the community.  

For any questions about our plans, please leave a message on our SVC hotline at (321) 775-1575, or email svc@habc.us.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No.  Only residents who are income-eligible for the voucher program will be able to remain after the conversion.  However, MHA will work with ineligible families to find other housing options for them.  More information will be provided as we have a better understanding if any residents may not qualify for a voucher.

MHA will be available to talk with you throughout the entire conversion process.  MHA staff and property managers are available by telephone, email, or in person. Due to CoVID-19, appointments are required for in-person meetings.

MHA is notifying all residents about the conversion plan.  

Then we are hosting a Facebook Live event for residents and other interested parties on Thursday, May 28th which will include time for you to ask questions or express concerns using Facebook Messenger. We will address as many of these as possible during the live event. The event will be hosted by Mr. Guillermo Gonzalez, who MHA has hired to help with the conversion, with MHA/HABC staff on hand to help with questions. 

After the live event, there will be month-long period (5/29 – 6/30/2020) for comments and questionsWe want to hear from you! We will review and respond to all questions and comments in writing directly and the information will be posted on our website.  


Before you get a voucher, MHA will have at least one more meeting with you. During that meeting, we will explain how the Section 8 vouchers work.

All materials and meetings will be accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities. Some examples include language assistance, such as written translations and a Facebook Live meeting in Spanish.  Let us know if you need an accommodation at any time during the conversion process.

No.  MHA is not planning any work that may displace you.

You will sign a new lease once you receive a voucher.  Your lease will continue to renew as long as you remain eligible for the voucher program and comply with program requirements.  If your lease is terminated by MHA, you will receive advance notice. 

Generally, no.  You will still be able to organize, request an informal hearing, and receive timely notifications under the voucher program.

It is your choice.  Families who receive a Housing Choice Voucher can choose to use the voucher to rent from private landlords that will accept Section 8 vouchers.  Once the conversion is approved by HUD, we will offer you the choice to stay or move. You will be given a cut-off date by which you must decide.

Yes, MHA will pay for relocation expenses and provide relocation counseling for those who decide to move.  However, if you make the decision to stay, you will no longer be eligible for relocation assistance should you change your mind. 

Yes.  If you were already enrolled in ROSS, you will be automatically moved to the FSS program (Family Self-Sufficiency) after you receive your voucher.  FSS is the voucher program version of self-sufficiency and provides the same services as ROSS.  Self-sufficiency programs, such as ROSS and FSS, help you obtain and maintain living wage employment and can even help you buy your own home.

For more information, contact Debra Hunter, at (321) 775-1582or at svc@habc.us.