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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program was created to enable Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher families to achieve self-sufficiency. FSS gives families the opportunity to receive supportive services necessary for them to obtain an education and job training to secure employment.

The FSS program is a voluntary program with goals to assist families in becoming independent of public assistance programs.  The program is available to all eligible families currently receiving Housing Choice Voucher assistance through the Housing Authority.

The program is five (5) years in which the family participating in the program discusses and develops goals for themselves to become self-sufficient. 

Who Is Eligible

Program participation is open to all Housing Choice Voucher clients currently under a lease.  You must lease up before executing a FSS Contract.

Escrow Accounts

Participants can receive escrow funds while participating in the FSS program.  Upon graduation from the FSS program, these funds should be used to become a homeowner, pay off student loans, and/or pay off overdue credit.

While enrolled in the FSS program, participants can withdrawal monies from their escrow account.  Some examples are to pay for school tuition, vocational training, securing reliable transportation and to help repair credit. (Upon Approval)

How Do I Enroll?

If you are interested in learning more about his program, please contact the FSS Coordinator, Kerri Henriquez by clicking below, or you may call (321) 775-1553