Transferring Your Voucher

Voucher holders have the option to transfer their voucher to any PHA within the United States through a process called portability.

How Do I Port-Out of Brevard County?

New voucher holders who were issued a voucher in Brevard County are able to port out only if they lived in Brevard (mailing address and/or license) at the time they first applied for their voucher.

If you did not live in Brevard County when you first applied then you must lease a unit in Brevard for at least 12 months before being able to port out; this rule does not apply to you if you moved out of Brevard after you applied.

How Do I Port-In to Brevard County?

If you are a current voucher holder and want to port to Brevard County, Florida, you may have your current housing agency send your paperwork to our Portability Depatment, either by mail or email s8port@habc.us.

HCV Portability
1401 Guava Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32935

HABC will be Billing PHAs starting February 1, 2022 for incoming ports