HABC/MHA Resident Resources

Events Bulletin

Virtual Job Fair
Monday, June 30
10AM – 2PM

Since in-person interviews aren’t always ideal, Virtual Job Fairs are!  Get your resume ready! “Visit” Brevard’s hiring managers and apply for jobs from the comfort of your home. Dress for success! You just might get a virtual interview on-the-spot!

Participating Employers: 

  • Parrish Medical Center
  • Brevard Achievement Center
  • Acara Solutions
  • VNA Space Coast
  • Hospice of St. Francis
  • Carr Construction
  • TTEC
  • 8-Koi
  • EPS Corporation
  • Piper Aircraft
  • Manpower Group
  • LF Staffing
  • Locus Location Systems
  • AAR Corporation
  • Champion Home Healthcare
  • HR Office Savers, Inc.
  • Aspire Health Partners
  • Brevard County
  • Lowe’s
  • Modus Operandi
  • Top Notch Lawn Care
  • Greystone Health Management
  • RGNext
  • Privateer IT
  • Space Coast Intelligent Solutions
  • Nationwide Medical Licensing
    and more!

Before joining the event, please register in the states’ Employ Florida website: EmployFlorida.com.

New to the Employ Florida website and need assistance? Email jobseekersupport@careersourcebrevard.com or call (321) 504-7600 for help! 

Already registered in Employ Florida? Don’t delay: Register for the event today!

Our career team is ready to assist so you can make a great first “virtual” impression! Contact jobseekersupport@careersourcebrevard.com or call (321) 504-7600

Resident Opportunities Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)

The ROSS Program is a program for Public Housing residents that operates through partnerships with numerous social services, corporations, private business, and non-profit organizations. The ROSS Program provides a diverse set of training and educational tools for families to become self-sufficient and move out of Public Housing.

How it Works

  • Public Housing Authority appoints the ROSS Program Coordinator to coordinate program
  • ROSS Program Coordinator works with various groups, businesses, both profit and non-profit organizations, and local government agencies to provide training and other services
  • ROSS Program Coordinator assists in training and develops forms.
  • Resident completes ROSS Application and/or Agreement form.
  • Public Housing residents are selected to participate in the ROSS Program.

Resident Participation

The ROSS Program is designed to accommodate all residents living in Public Housing regardless of age, color, creed and race. The ROSS Program Coordinator and Service Providers (Partners) will be responsible for developing screening and selection criteria to assist eligible families to gain self-sufficiency.

The criteria for participation in the ROSS Program are as follows:

  • Must be family resident
  • Must be in good standing with the Housing Authority and have no outstanding debts to the Housing Authority
  • Must complete a ROSS Application and/or Contract
  • Must be willing to work toward self-sufficiency

For More Information or Enrollment

HABC ROSS Coordinator

Evon Jackson
(321) 775-1567

MHA ROSS Coordinator

Brittany Dunbar
(321) 775-1585