Apply to Rent from HABC/MHA

How to Apply

Complete the online application form, when they become available whenever the wait list reopens, to apply to rent an HABC or MHA unit.

Fill Out Your Application

The online application asks you to provide details about your household. This includes income sources and information about each family member. It also lets you request a reasonable accommodation (such as wheelchair accessibility) if needed.

After you complete the online portion of your application, you will be given a list of all required documents which you must submit. Your application is not considered complete until all required documents are received by HABC/MHA.

Waiting List

Once your application is submitted it will go into a waiting list and assigned a position. Applications will be processed according to preference points.

To find out your position in the list, please call (321) 775-0417.

Criminal History Checks

HABC/MHA uses its own resources to obtain criminal history checks. We verify information at no cost to the applicant household. HABC/MHA does not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of the prospective tenant/household for use in the screening process.

After You Submit Your Application

After receiving your application and all required documents, HABC/MHA will verify your information to complete processing. Then, HABC/MHA will add you to your chosen waiting list.

We will contact you by mail when your name nears the top of a waiting list. You will need to provide updated household information (such as income, family composition) at that time. You will also have to submit information for background checks.

If you pass the screening process, HABC/MHA will then contact you when a home with the number of bedrooms you need opens up.

If any of the information you listed on your application changes, you must report the changes to HABC/MHA as soon as possible. You can report application changes online.